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        Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 12:27:46 -0700
        From: Randy Radney <radney at mac.com>
        Subject: [Humanist] 23.230 gene poetry and the artist's attitude

In reference to your comment: ..."The problem of re-enactment, or  
simulation, in much of the
humanities is, I'd say, a much greater problem, and so it makes sense
that we'd be finding this statement fresh now with regards to our
interpretative work."...

I assume that the twin factors of choice and intentionality  
(especially when multiple individuals are engaged in group activities)  
supply cause for your claim that simulation is a 'greater problem' in  
the humanities. The context of human action (in my speciality,  
linguistics) can be simplified (as in, say, transformational- 
generative linguistic theory), but guarantees that such simplification  
has captured the essentials of context in a way that makes simulation  
genuine are hard to come by.

One possibility (that many, admittedly, have rejected) is that  
Husserlian phenomenology in practice (i.e. as a method of observation  
regarding human experience) could provide the supplement to pre- 
enactment, re-enactment, and other abstractions of actual human  
experience for humanities scholars. If readers are unaware of  
phenomenology and would be interested in supplementing their  
humanities research using the phenomenological method, I would  
recommend the excellent introduction to phenomenology by Stewart and  
Mickunas, as well as Harry Reeder's (more practice-oriented) _Theory  
and Practice of Husserl's Phenomenology_.


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